10 Best Travel Safety Tips You Must Not Forget

10 best travel safety tips you must not forget!

So you have decided to take off somewhere… alone or with someone you love or with your family! We’ve all heard it before: take care of yourselves! Sometimes this advice is very necessary, even if we don’t want to hear it. We’ve all had our share of mishaps and things gone wrong while traveling (which usually turn into memories to laugh about today), but here are a few tips on how to avoid getting into trouble bring! So here are…

10 Best Travel Safety Tips You Must Not Forget!

1 Tell Your Bank And Some People Where You Are: Let your bank know where and when you’re going, so they don’t think there’s suspicious activity on your account in a remote location!

It’s also good to let someone you know about your itinerary, so people back home aren’t worried, this is one of the very vital safety tips while travelling. This is especially true if you are going on a remote trip, e.g. one that leads you to go hiking in a remote place. Of course you will always have someone watching with you – your mates on the trip, but it’s good to have someone at home knowing what’s going on.

2 Research Your Travel Destination: There are some things that are very country specific when it comes to safety, so it’s good to do some research about the destination and do it well. This is one of the best travel safety tips you could be told!

Things to look for, for example, would be common travel scams in the country, theft, transportation security and health hazards (are there any common diseases in the country or some vaccinations to be prepared for before visiting?)

3 Travel In A Group: It’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes and a bunch of travel mates who you know have your back, this is one of the safety rules for travelling. Because if you are traveling alone, you are unfortunately an easier target!

Also, traveling with others means there are different skills in the group that can be useful on the journey and this is by far one of the

. One knows how to get around the city and the other is an expert on all things food. A win-win situation!

4 Watch Your Bags: As part of safe travel tips for the holidays, especially in busy cities, it is important that you know where your bag is at all times. Carry your bag in front. When you sit down in restaurants, wrap the handles of your bags around your chair legs.

5 Take Care Of Insurance As A Part Of Best Travel Safety Tips: Just in case something goes wrong, it’s important that you know you have your insurance on hand. Whether your belongings are stolen or you have an accident, it’s good to know that you won’t have to pay the entire cost.

6 Take Care When Taking Selfies: This may seem obvious as safety tips for travellers, but there are still instances of people hurting themselves in the search for a good photo. You should be careful when taking photos and don’t put yourself in danger – it’s not worth it, even though it might seem like it!

7 Take Care Of Copies Of Your Documents: As a part of best travel safety tips, it’s always a good idea to have at least a few copies of your most important documents (passport, visa, etc.) with you. A digital copy on your email, as well as maybe one locked in your hotel/hostel/ room and of course… the printed copies, always with you in your pocket, which is well secured.

8 Write Down Emergency Numbers: It’s also good to know the local emergency numbers so you know where to run (or who to call) if something goes wrong, as part of safe travel tips during Covid 19.

In stressful situations, your mind may not be able to think rationally or remember local emergency information, so always write it down or save it to your phone.

9 Ask Locals For Tips: The locals know their city best… so ask them what to look out for when it comes best travel safety tips (the do’s and don’ts). We all know that as a tourist you will most likely be spotted like a sore thumb, but asking locals for some hot tips might help a little. Not just for safety, but for other things as well – locals are your best advisers. You want to know where the hippest bars in town are? Ask a local! Supporting locals is also a great way to support sustainable travel.

10 Pack A First Aid Kit: Always have the most basic first aid items with you as part of best travel safety tips, so that you can take care of them quickly in the event of minor accidents! Unexpected things can always happen along the way, so remember to plan carefully. For example, if you’re going to a sunny destination, it’s probably a good idea to think about sunscreen!


Now you are ready to begin your safe adventure! Be sure to stay safe wit these 10 best travel safety tips you must not forget!

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