10 Fantastic Ways On How To Earn Online As A Student!

10 fantastic ways on how to earn online as a student!

It’s been more years than I’d like to admit, but I remember well the feeling of being a student and the immense desire for economic independence.

Let’s face it, unless you browse in gold, between university expenses, books, subscriptions to vehicles and so on and so forth, managing to have a few more bucks at the end of the month is a challenge.

In recent years, fortunately, the online world has exploded and the situation has drastically changed, and online student jobs are a particularly profitable reality.

But what are the best alternatives, and which are the best jobs for students that can allow you not only to constantly attend lessons and exams, but also (rightly) to have a private and social life?

Keep reading this article to find out more about how to earn online as a student.

1 Selling Clothes Online: Online student jobs don’t have to keep you busy most of the day, quite the opposite. Sometimes students just need some extra income so as not to be too dependent on their parents. And maybe, now that you’re in college, you have a ton of clothes you no longer use in your closet.

Have you ever thought that you might have your ideal part time job right there? That’s right, in your closet!

Whether it’s used or new, selling clothes online is a great way to create extra income. And if you are comfortable among vintage markets and stalls, you could do some real bargains and even open your own ecommerce!

2 Video Game Tester: If you love video games, this will be your favorite of online student jobs and also your answer to how to earn online as a student. Imagine spending hours playing video games, and getting paid too!

Beware, though, testing video games isn’t quite the same as playing games. You will need to check its quality, make sure there are no errors in the code, identify any bugs and glitches, check that all functions behave exactly as they should, and also check for any spelling and grammatical errors. Of course, all this while you play.

The main requirements to become a video game tester are:

Knowledge of video games



Attention to details

Method and organization

Communication skills

But even if no special technical skills are required, having programming skills could be a plus. Who knows that, starting from the testing phase, new paths cannot be opened for a full time job!

Plus, this is one of the perfect student night jobs – imagine ending your study day with a good game of a new video game. If it sounds like a dream to you, it might just be the job for you.

3 Freelance Writer: If writing is your big thing but you don’t feel like starting your own blog, you might want to consider working online as a freelance writer as its is one of the answers to how to earn online as a student.

It is one of the best student jobs online, as not only does it guarantee you extreme flexibility, it will also give you the opportunity to connect with new niches and perhaps you might even happen to discover a new passion.

Of course, without a blog it could be more difficult to show what you’re made of, that’s why you could create a portfolio with examples of your best texts. I recommend, even though this is a great part-time job for students, avoid including only school texts in your portfolio – unless you are applying to write in a university newspaper!

4 Selling T-Shirts Online: Think about it: what is the most present item of clothing in your closet? Probably, the answer for how to earn money online for 12th passed students is: T-shirts.

They are a garment suitable for everyone, there are all types and all fantasies, and everyone really likes them. But have you ever thought about making and selling t-shirts online ?

Here is a short guide on how to sell T-shirts online with an aim to how to earn online as a student:

Find a niche for your products: you can’t sell t-shirts at all, look for a niche in which to grow your business.

Create the styles and models of the t-shirts: sizes, measurements, fits, types of printing … you have to think about everything before you start selling online.

Prepare the designs for your t-shirts: start jotting down your first ideas, and imagine what your t-shirts will look like (you can also hire a professional designer for this step).

Make a model and test your idea – your creation could look wonderful on paper (or in your mind), and look terrible in life. Make some models and make sure it is just as you imagined it.

Find suppliers for your business: who will you buy T-shirts from? Who will do the printing?

Set the prices of your t-shirts: and remember to take into account all the costs you will have to face.

Choose where to sell your t-shirts: will you open your own online store or rely on external marketplaces? The choice of platform will be essential to determine the success of your business.

5 Website Testing: If there is one thing that app and website creators hate – and are willing to do anything to avoid – it is that their users arrive on their platform and find themselves lost or – worse – run into bugs.

Reason why the figure of the website testers is essential and it is one of those online jobs for students that you can integrate perfectly into your daily routine.

In practice, for how to earn money even if you are a student, you will have to navigate the site you are testing and check each section, make sure that the user experience is clear and fluid, and that there are no particular bugs. All from the comfort of your home, between a study break and another.

6 Dropshipping: If you have an eye for business and want an answer to how to earn online as a student and are interested in everything related to ecommerce and digital marketing, dropshipping could be the perfect online job for you.

Basically, it’s about selling products to your customers without having to worry about stock or shipping. How? Whenever a customer places an order on your store, you will forward the order to your trusted supplier (who will be physically in possession of the product), who will ship it directly to your end customer.

The customer will receive their order, the supplier will have made a sale, and you will have laid the groundwork to create a business that could literally turn your life upside down. There are many success stories of boys and girls who opened their e-commerce almost for fun and managed – after many mistakes and challenges to overcome – to create a real business . Who tells you that the next one is not really you? 

7 Online Tutor: Online tutoring is truly one of the easiest online student jobs to manage along with study and classes and one of the best ways for how to earn online as a student. And if until recently, students looking for tutors tended to prefer in-person lessons, the pandemic and the countless lockdowns that have marked 2020 and much of 2021 have created a real turnaround, and more and more students they preferred to turn to online tutors.

Clearly, the type of tutor you will be depends on your availability and skills. Are you particularly skilled with languages, or do you prefer to tutor all subjects, perhaps to middle school kids?

Think about what kind of interaction would suit you best, and oe you have made a decision you can create a profile on the many online tutoring platforms available. And why not also create your own website to promote your business?

8 Virtual Assistant: Just like assistants who work in person, virtual assistants are in charge of managing all the activities that affect their employer’s organization, with the difference that everything happens online. This is one of the best ways for how to earn money online for students of class 10.

The main skills required by these types of online student jobs are organizational, communication and relational skills. However, each position is different, and more or less specific skills may be required depending on the role.

9 Blogger: One of the best part time jobs for students is undoubtedly that of a blogger. This is one of the best answers for how to earn online as a student.

But be careful, this is a job for students that is as interesting as it is competitive. On the other hand, as with all jobs, to earn serious online there are no shortcuts and magic formulas.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t deterred the many students who have found their way to make money online thanks to blogging . But what could you write about? You can express your thoughts and opinions, review products and services, create useful articles on the topics you are most knowledgeable about.

And to monetize? There are several ways to make money with a blog, from affiliate marketing to advertising, and one does not exclude the other. It’s all about figuring out what works best for you and the content you plan to create.

10 Audio Transcripts: True, nowadays there are software that deal with audio transcriptions that are almost perfect. Almost, though.

And it is precisely that “almost” that causes there to still be a conspicuous demand for truly perfect audio transcriptions. In practice, it is simply a matter of listening to audio or video files and transferring everything that is said to paper.

It is one of the online student jobs that may seem simple, but it requires patience and attention to detail.

So are you a student and want to earn money online? You now have 10 fantastic ways on how to earn online as a student!

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