13 Astounding Tricks To Help How To Train A Dog At Home

13 astounding tricks to help how to train a dog at home.

During this period of time, dogs have the best obedience, obedient to their masters and have a certain understanding of passwords and commands. Therefore, when training dogs, the pet owner must seize this golden period. 

Are you thinking about keeping a dog? Do you want your dog to be good? Do you want your dog to be well trained, not uncontrollable? If yes, you definitely need how to train a dog basic commands.

Participating in a special pet training class is the best option, but it is expensive. There are many ways to train a dog and there are many how to train a dog basics, what you are looking for is the one that suits your dog best. Here are…

13 Astounding Tricks To Help How To Train A Dog At Home

1.   Choose The Right Name: As an integral part of how to train a dog correctly, in order for the dog to remember its name easily and focus on the training process, he or she should be given a clear and loud name, generally no more than two syllables. This way the dog can tell its name from the owner’s words. Call it by name as much as you can when you play, play, train, or whenever you need to attract its attention. If you call a dog’s name, it will look at you, then it will remember the name. When it responds to its own name, actively encourage or reward it so that it will continue to respond to your call.      

2.   Have Patience: When understanding how to train a dog at home, be patient during training, never rush, you must complete one training content before proceeding to the next one.

3.   Keep A Dog Without Arrogance: Choose a dog according to your actual situation. Never choose a dog that requires a lot of exercise, just because you want to force yourself to start a healthy life. If you can’t insist on taking your dog to exercise, you and your dog will be very sad.

4.   Rewards: When getting to know how to train a dog at home and the dog performs well, the pet should be given a proper reward like snacks.         

5.   Train Your Dog To “Not Rush People”: In order to show intimacy, dogs have the habit of rushing towards their owners at a very fast speed. This behavior sometimes stains clothes and is disturbing. When a visitor comes, the dog rushes forward, frightening the visitor and the owner feels embarrassed. So, in how to train a dog at home, if the dog rushes forward, the owner must say “No” loudly and refuse the dog’s approach. After repeating it several times, the dog will stop attacking people because of the lesson.

6.   Choose A Dog According To Your Living Habits: After centuries of cultivation, dogs are now one of the most diverse species. Every dog ​​has a different personality, and not all dogs are suitable for you. Write down the habits and basic conditions of the dog you want to keep and see if it suits you. If the dog you want to raise will make a huge change in your living habits, it is recommended to choose another breed. If you keep a dog for relaxation, don’t choose Jack Russell Terrier. It is extremely energetic, barking constantly all day long. A bulldog is the better choice if you want to hug on the sofa all day. Do more research before raising a dog and ask other dog lovers for their opinions.             

7.   Training Password: For how to train a dog at home, the training password must be clear and don’t be angry with the dog if he or she does not get it.

8.   Plan On Getting Married? Have Kids?: Because most dogs can live for 10-15 years, keeping a dog is a long-term plan. Be sure to choose a dog that suits you. If you have not yet married, think about whether you have any plans to have children in the next ten years. Some dogs are just not suitable for families who have kids.    

9.   Dog Training: Dogs, like children, have a short attention span and can easily get bored. So training should be several times a day, 15-20 minutes at a time, to develop good training habits. The training of the dog should run through every minute you get along with it, not just limited to a fixed training time every day. Because it learns from you every moment it communicates with you. Not only must the dog understand the content learned during training, but also let it remember and implement it in life. Therefore, always pay attention to dogs outside of training time.

10.  Train The Dog To Sit Down: When dealing with how to train a dog by yourself, put your hand on the waist of the dog, press down and say “sit down, sit down”, while you are pressing. After the dog sits down, pull a certain distance away from the dog and issue a “sit down” command and at the same time stretch your hand down horizontally. Repeat several times, after the dog is proficient in this action, just use gestures to indicate, without issuing commands, it will work!   

11.   Be Mentally Prepared: Being prepared mentally, is vital to how to train a dog at home. When training your dog, keep a calm and rational attitude. The restlessness or anxiety you show will affect the training effect. Remember, the purpose of training a dog is to consolidate its good habits and punish bad habits. In fact, it takes a certain amount of determination and faith to develop a well-trained dog.

12.  Prepare Dog Training Equipment: Having the right equipment is very vital to how to train a dog at home. A leather rope of about two meters with a collar or strap is the entry equipment. You can also consult a professional dog trainer to see what equipment your dog is suitable for. For small dogs, you don’t need too many things, but older dogs may need a leash such as a collar for a certain period of time to concentrate their attention.    

13.  Training Dogs To “Go To The Toilet”: Toilet training is an integral part of how to train a dog at home. Prepare a toilet in the corner in advance, it can be a few boards or a dog toilet you bought, covered with a few newspapers or dog diapers (stained with dog urine). Generally, the dog will have the intention to excrete within half an hour after waking up or eating. If you see that the dog is not defecating in the toilet, you should immediately shout “no” and spank your buttocks as a warning. Then wash the excrement with water to remove the odor. Otherwise, the dog will excrete in the same place next time. If the dog excretes in the toilet, he or she should also be rewarded with some snacks. Repeat this several times as a part of how to train a dog basic tricks, patiently adjust for one or two weeks and the dog will learn it in three or four weeks.

If you have ever been wondering how to train a dog at home, these 13 astounding tricks are sure to help you! 

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