6 Fantastic Dog Cold Treatment Natural Remedies

6 fantastic dog cold treatment natural remedies!

Just like you, your dog can catch a cold, the only difference being that your dog can’t blow his/her nose!

Certain times of the year are conducive to the appearance of colds and other infections and our canine friends are no exception to the rule!

Always annoying without being serious, cold symptoms can be relieved by non-invasive natural solutions for your pets.

Your Dog’s Cold Is Not, In Fact, Just A Story!

The symptoms are much more general and frequently alter the general condition of your dog or your cat.

For dog cold treatment at home, here are 6 natural remedies to relieve your dog’s cold !

What Causes Colds In Dogs?

A dog is sensitive to cold, humidity and cold wind.

Winter weather conditions and cold soils can therefore refresh the body of your pet who will catch a cold snap!

This situation can be favored by the transition from a dry and often overheated interior to a freezing exterior.

Inflammation then appears frequently complicated by the passage of a virus.

Weak Immune System

A weak immune system, especially in puppies, sick or older dogs, can increase the risk of catching a cold.

The barriers against infections are then weakened and the body is much less able to defend itself against the onslaught of multiple viruses.

What Natural Remedies Can I Give My Dog ​​Who Has A Cold?

Here are 6 fantastic dog cold treatment natural remedies!

If your pet’s cold lasts longer than three days, has a fever and/or associated symptoms, or exhibits a change in behavior, you are strongly advised to consult your veterinarian promptly.

Your vet will carry out a complete examination to establish a diagnosis and decide on the treatment to be put in place.

A serious illness can hide behind a cold.

Attention! A Natural Remedy Is Not A Treatment !

It is a product that can be offered in addition to veterinary treatment.

Before offering a natural remedy to your dog, contact your veterinarian who will give you the necessary advice.

Here Are 6 Fantastic Dog Cold Treatment Natural Remedies!

1 Cleaning With Saline Water: A saline-based solution allows you to offer your dog a nasal bath that will relieve him of the sensations of stuffy nose typical of colds. It is a very good dog cold treatment.

It is advisable to use physiological serum which is composed of sterile distilled water and 0.9% sodium chloride.

Physiological serum is most often offered in the form of pipettes, which facilitates nasal ingestion.

If your dog is docile, you can take 1 to 3 baths a day, during colds.

2 Homeopathy: A homeopathic remedy can also be used in your dog with a cold. We quote:

Aconitum napellus 5CH granules for cold snaps

Antimonium Tartaricum 5CH granules that help clear your pet’s bronchial tubes

Aralia racemosa 5CH granules to regulate discharge and sneezing

Bryonia 5CH granules to fight your pet’s cough

The dosages are to be determined with your veterinarian or homeopathic pharmacist to best relieve your dog’s cold.

3 CBD: CBD or cannabidiol is a natural remedy extracted from the hemp plant (variety of cannabis) perfectly indicated in case of a cold in your dog.

Safe for both animals and humans, CBD should not be confused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Indeed, CBD is completely legal and does not cause side effects or addiction.

On the contrary, it offers multiple health benefits.

CBD has, among other things, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, antioxidant and antiepileptic properties!

Although not a miracle cure, this natural product can help reduce inflammation in your dog’s airways.

CBD is also great for relieving the discomfort and soothing the stress that comes with your dog’s cold.

Some brands of CBD make our lives easier with modes of administration of CBD exclusively designed for animals.

Sticks rich in hemp, valerian and chamomile can also help your dog regain his serenity.

4. Steam Bath: One Of The Best Dog Cold Natural Remedies: The steam bath is a completely natural solution to decongest your dog’s airways and thus allow him to breathe better.

All you have to do is accompany your dog to your bathroom, which you will have taken care to confine and run hot water.

Be sure to save it for another use to avoid waste!

Steam will emerge and completely invade the room.

Your dog will thus benefit from a humidification of his nasal mucous membranes and his bronchi, which will decongest and soothe.

5 Chicken broth: Chicken broth is perfectly suited to help your dog with a cold recover his health. It is one of the very best dog common cold treatment methods.

It also allows you to hydrate your dog and facilitate its intake of food, which is often shunned in the event of a cold.

Choose homemade broth rather than industrial cubes that contain a lot of salt!

It is not necessarily necessary to add vegetables, the dog is above all attracted by the meat broth.

Among poultry broths, know that chicken broth boosts immune defenses and helps fight against winter viruses.

Its benefits are explained by the presence of carnosine, an amino acid with antioxidant properties that is produced in the body during the digestion of meat.

6 Essential Oils: Essential oils can be offered to your pet by inhalation and they are one of the best dog cold treatment. All you have to do is put a few drops in a diffuser and watch the effects in your dog.

Caution! Essential oils should not come into contact with your dog’s skin, let alone ingested.

They can, in fact, cause very serious burns.

To relieve your dog’s cold, the best essential oils are:

Eucalyptus Smithii essential oil which is known to relieve bronchopulmonary infections such as the common cold. Antiviral and antibacterial, this essential oil also strengthens your pet’s immune system.

Tea Tree essential oil relieves infections and has the same properties.

These essential oils can be diffused individually or in synergy.

Be sure, however, to respect the dosage to avoid too much concentration.

Essential oils can be diffused a maximum of twice a day for 30 minutes.

If you notice any signs of discomfort, distress or a change in behavior in your dog, stop the broadcast immediately and take your dog outside.

Some animals are, in fact, hypersensitive to essential oils.

What Are The Symptoms Of The Common Cold In Dogs?

The common cold is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract of viral origin.

In dogs, as in cats, this inflammation will therefore affect the nose but also the bottom of the oral cavity, the pharynx, the larynx and the trachea.

Common Cold Symptoms In Dogs Are:

Mucus discharge



An unusual snore

An apathy

Loss of appetite or anorexia


A possible bacterial superinfection

It is advisable to monitor your dog’s fever and consult your veterinarian if it exceeds 39° (normal dog temperature is 38.5 °C).

Same thing if the symptoms persist for more than three days.

Indeed, what looks like a cold may indicate another illness. Your veterinarian will be able to give you the necessary advice.

Note that, like any viral infection, the common cold is very contagious between dogs. Avoid contact with congeners.

Keep your dog warm and encourage him/her to drink regularly to compensate for the water loss caused by the fever.

You can also offer him mash instead of kibble to promote fluid intake. Wondering how to get rid of a dog cold? You now have 6 fantastic dog cold treatment natural remedies!

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