For Everyone Who Wants To Lose Weight In 2022!

For everyone who wants to lose weight in 2022!

Research on the causes of obesity, knowledge about weight loss and various dietary methods for weight loss are updated every year.  However, with the update of knowledge and the release of weight-loss drugs one after another, the obesity rate continues to rise every year and there is no sign of wanting to decrease. Are you seeking best weight loss 2022?

A Few Key Myths To Lose Weight In 2022

The phrase “eat less and move more” is actually correct, but most people execute it incorrectly. Many people think that all things should be eaten less, so they limit their calories to a very low level. It feels like they are eating an ultra-low-calorie fairy meal.

Then, the first thing about I lose weight easily, is that everyone thinks to lose weight is of is aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, etc., but in fact, this is a very short-term and easy way to gain weight.

Mainly because eating too little is a cause of muscle loss easily and aerobic training is not helpful for muscle mass growth, resulting in a total decline in metabolism.

Maybe you can lose 5 kg by this method, but if your metabolism declines, you will easily regain weight. And it’s fat that’s picked up instead of your lost muscles, making you look fatter than before

This is what we call the yo-yo effect. Lose weight, regain weight, become fatter than before, lose weight again, regain weight, and become fatter than before.

The Key To Lose Weight In 2022

You must have wondered why some people will not get fat no matter how they eat, and some people will gain a kilogram the next day after eating a little bread? What is the cause of obesity? What is the best way to lose weight in 2022 might be on your mind!

This is not just a simple answer that can be solved. If you don’t know what calorie balance is, you can probably imagine that our body consumes calories (exercise, heat production, basal metabolism) and calorie intake (eating).

When the calorie consumption is greater than the calorie intake, the weight will drop , so the truth of weight loss is to eat less and move more , which is very simple.

In The Short Term

It is really possible to lose weight in 2022 simply by eating less and exercising more, but simple is not simple, because the operation of the body is very complicated.

Many people think that they can control their calorie consumption. They think that they can achieve a lot of calorie expenditure by running all the time. They think that eating fairy meals (low-calorie meals) can reduce their calorie intake and then easily reduce it. And they think of losing the most weight in a month!

But according to latest research on weight loss 2022, 90% of people with calorie control, eat less hyperactivity way to lose weight will fail or become fat.

Because eat less and move last long, metabolic decline is easy, hormonal imbalance easy, easy to loss of muscle mass, so even if you lose weight 10 kilograms or will be very easy to become fat back.

To Lose Weight In 2022, The Body Is Like A Factory!

The key to long-term weight loss and maintaining a good body shape is the internal environment, such as hormones, the degree of inflammation in the body , and the gastrointestinal system.

You can think of the body as a factory!Your hormones are the directors and workers of the factory operation. Inflammation is the condition of the factory’s machinery and hardware. Calorie intake is the fuel of the factory.

If the director of this factory is an idiot or your factory’s hardware is completely rotten, then no matter how they operate, they will create a lot of waste.

Just like the hormones in our body have been secreted out of regulation and the degree of inflammation in the body is extremely high, no matter how you eat, if you don’t solve the existing problems, it will easily accumulate into fat – so what then about how to lose weight in 2022?

A Few Examples

Hormones vs weight loss

This study is to study the effects of sleep and lose weight in 2022.

Both groups of horses have calorie restriction, but one group sleeps 5.5 hours a night, the other group sleeps 8.5 hours.

Both groups lost weight, but the group with less sleep lost 55% body fat and 65% more muscle mass than the full sleep group.

It is equivalent to lose weight in 2022, but most of the loss is muscle mass , which reduces metabolism and makes it easy to gain weight later .

There such a big difference is mainly due to poor sleep for growth hormone, insulin, leptin, and the degree of inflammation in vivo are negatively impact , these things secretion disorders are likely to increase muscle fat reduction.

The Next Study Is To Focus On The Effect Of Insulin Sensitivity On Body Composition

Basically, many chronic metabolic diseases, obesity, and poor muscle gain are related to low insulin sensitivity. Insulin is an anti-decomposing hormone, and its main function is to store nutrients in cells.

For example, after heavy training, our muscles will be more sensitive to insulin and the nutrients eaten will be more easily absorbed into the muscles. When insulin sensitivity is low, the nutrients we eat are easier to accumulate into fat and are less likely to be sucked into muscles.

We can simply say that the food nutrients eaten by insulin-insensitive people are more likely to be hoarded into fat, and the relative fat mass will be much higher than the muscle mass. Simply put, the key to lose weight in 2022 is actually to improve hormones and inflammation in the body and at the same time add an appropriate calorie deficit.

The Calorie Deficit Is Actually Not Difficult To Achieve

The more difficult thing is how to choose the type of food that suits your body to improve hormones and achieve a long-term good figure to lose weight in 2022. Studies have also shown that people with low insulin sensitivity have a very good weight loss effect on a low-carb and high-fat diet.

This shows that improving insulin is very important for weight loss , and it also shows that people who are insulin insensitive are more suitable for using a high-carb diet to lose weight.

So If You Have Been Wanting To Lose Weight In 2022

Know that you are easy to get fat by eating carbohydrates, or know that people in your family are prone to diabetes and want to lose fat. Then it is suggested to lose weight in 2022, you can start by reducing carbohydrates , which is what we call a low-carb diet.

Conclusion: There is no best way to lose weight in 2022, only the one that suits you best!

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