One-Night Stands At Qatar 2022 Football WorldCup Will Lead To 7 Years In Jail

One-night stands at Qatar 2022 football WorldCup will lead to 7 years in Jail!

Qatar Bans Sex Outside Marriage…

During the FIFA World Cup championship 2022! This has brought back to the table the subject of the sometimes very strict – and contrary to human rights – laws in force in Qatar!

News from the host country, says that Qatari authorities have no intention of relaxing freedoms for Western fans. So like the rest of the year, sex between non-married couples will remain criminalized for the Qatar 2022 football WorldCup.

Qatari Law Provides That…

Having sex outside of marriage in Qatar, is punishable and will lead to 7 years jail time!

So there will definitely be no one-night stands at the 2022 Qatar Football Worldcup. Everyone needs to keep a cool head, unless they want to risk being stuck in jail, so confirms a Qatari source.

These Revelations…

Remind everyone that certain laws are very strict in this small Emirate, to which the eyes of the whole world will be turned during the Qatar 2022 football WorldCup!

Qatar may wear in all tones that the World Cup will be “inclusive” and open to all, without discrimination, no one is fooled. The country has also warned LGBTQI+ people, to whom it asks to exercise discretion.

If A Supporter Waves A Rainbow Flag…

In a stadium where the Qatar 2022 football WorldCup is being held and it is taken away, it will not be because Qatar wants to insult the person, but to protect the person. If they don’t, another spectator could attack the person, so claim Qatari sources.

It’s no secret! In Qatar, the laws are sometimes very strict and contrary to human rights. But what will happen to the thousands of supporters and all those involved in the 2022 World Cup football tournament?

Sex And Displays Of Affection

On sex outside of marriage, officials warned there would be “no exceptions”.

There are definitely not going to be one-night stands permitted at the Qatar 2022 football WorldCup. There will be no partying at all, really. Everyone has to keep a cool head unless they want to risk find themselves in prison.

For the 1st time in worldcup football history…


So, if you plan on going to Qatar for the FIFA 2022 world cup matches, watch out – one-night stands at Qatar 2022 football WorldCup will lead to 7 years in Jail!

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