The 10 Best Tourist Destinations In The World

The 10 best tourist destinations in the world!

Are you a lover of tourist and cultural sites of the world? Would you like to take to your heels and discover the world and its wonders? If yes, then read on as we take you to visit 10 best tourist destinations in the world that we consider essential for aficionados of cultural discoveries.

Let The Journey Begin Of The 10 Best Tourist Destinations!

The Acropolis of Athens in Greece

1 The Acropolis of Athens in Greece

Acropolis is a term meaning “upper city”. That of Athens is considered the most representative of all those present in Greece . To enter the Acropolis of Athens, you need to go through a large gate called Propylaea. Do not miss the opportunity to visit and contemplate the Temple of Athena Parthenon, the Erechtheion or the Theater of Dionysus.

The Acropolis Museum is one of the 10 Best Tourist Destinations and a must visit for anyone going to Athens. As for the works that we can see in the museum, they stand out, or at least the ones that strike the most, are the authentic caryatids that belong to the Erecteion. They seem to have carved them with people inside, because they present a surprising perfection in every gesture. In addition, you can see various Korai, which are female sculptures, dating back to the sixth century and were discovered in a pit of the Acropolis, where after the battle of Salamis, they were buried by the Athenians. These statues were dedicated to the goddess Athena and each of them carried a different offering.

They are in good condition. The collection of works that houses the museum can be seen in chronological order. The first thing that is exhibited are some of the finds prior to the Parthenon and which were destroyed by the Persians and among which, a sculpture of a pediment representing Hercules stands out. You can see the remains of the Parthenon frieze which represents the Olympians in the Panathenaic procession. Undoubtedly all the treasures that are in this museum are of incalculable value and help to understand what the Acropolis buildings really were like. There are few interior photos because it is forbidden to take them.

The Acropolis Museum is a must see 10 Best Tourist Destinations for Athens visitors and ancient art enthusiasts. Most of the collections are still collected in the galleries of the Louvre Museum and especially in the British Museum in London, which has reconstructed the interior of the Parthenon in Athens and has recovered most of the sculptures of the interior of the temple, as well as those which were on top on the triangular parts. What is taking so long is the transfer of the works of art, statues and objects of everyday life, without causing any damage, from the old museum, which is located right next to the Parthenon, to the new museum which is located in opposite the Akropolis metro.

It should be easier to understand and more accessible than the old Acropolis museum. The collections cover all periods of ancient Greek civilization. You can see a small part, but it is very little for now.

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The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, USA

2 The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, USA

No trip to Washington, DC is complete without a stop on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for breathtaking views east across the Reflecting Pool, to the Washington Monument and on to the US Capitol.

In downtown Washington DC, in a public park, lies The National Mall. It is bordered by many memorials, monuments and museums. Among these is the memorial to President Abraham Lincoln, one of the top 10 best tourist places in the world. Its Greek temple shape houses a large sculpture of the President where it is possible to read two of his famous speeches. This monument has hosted several important speeches including that of Martin Luther King, “I have a dream”.

Opened in 1922 and modeled after a Greek Doric temple, the Lincoln Memorial, one of the  10 best tourist destinations,  is a fitting tribute to the US President who guided the country through the bitter Civil War.

Architect Henry Bacon designed the building, and Daniel Chester French created the seated statue of Abraham Lincoln, which stands 19 feet tall and was carved from 28 blocks of white Georgia marble. The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s second inaugural address are engraved on the walls of the memorial.

A social media image claimed that the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. was vandalized during protests triggered by the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck on May 25 in Minneapolis. This claim is false. The photo, seven years old, was unrelated to the George Floyd protests.

The monument’s 36 massive columns represent the 25 US states at the time of Lincoln’s death, as well as the eleven breakaway southern states; the names of the states are engraved above each pillar in the order of their accession to the Union.

Another Of The 10 Best Tourist Destinations

Krakow Market Square In Poland

3 Krakow Market Square In Poland

This is the largest medieval square in Europe. It spreads over 40,000 sq.m. and dates from 1257. Surrounded by well-preserved, elegant mansions and medieval palaces, the square is one of the main meeting points of the city for both locals and tourists, while it is full of life throughout the day. If you have been wondering what are the top 5 tourist destinations, this is one of them.

At night, the buildings that surround the square are beautifully lit, creating an impressive landscape. In fact, this point of Krakow is considered by many as one of the most romantic corners of the city.

Rynek Glówny is the most important square in the city of Krakow and in Poland. It is the largest medieval square in Europe, approximately 40,000 square meters and by far one of the 10 best tourist destinations. Strolling around the square, you will find many old houses and tourist monuments, such as the town hall tower or the church of San Wojciech among many others. A walk through the market will complete your visit.

At its reference points is the City Hall tower 70 meters high, which dates from the 14th century. This is the only surviving part of the former City Hall, at the top of which there is an observatory with beautiful views of the entire city of Krakow.

Designed in 1257, it is considered the center of Krakow and has significant historical, cultural and social significance. Over the centuries, merchants have been selling their produce here, and he has also witnessed many social events, ceremonies and public performances. In fact, during the German occupation, the square was renamed Adolf Hitler Platz.

One of the most famous sights of Krakow is the Basilica of St. Mary located in the square . The 14th century church stands out for its imposing façade, which is framed by two towers of different sizes. Finally, the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), the medieval textile market that first functioned as a kind of “shopping center” in the 13th century, also catches the eye. It was later rebuilt in Renaissance style as an arcade gallery and used as a major international trading center.

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The Great Wall of China

4 The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, the largest building in human history.

Over the course of nearly 2,000 years, it’s a daunting and epic project made up of millions of farmers, 300,000 soldiers and a huge amount of bricks and stones, making it one of the best tourist destinations cheap.

The easy-to-access point is the Great Wall in Beijing, which can be the sightseeing course is “Hatatsurei”. Let ‘s think about the eternal history by walking the 6m wide Great Wall where 5 horses passed side by side. The “Ming Tombs” on the way has 13 emperors, 23 empresses, and a tomb where one noble consort sleeps, and you can also visit it. “Mutianyu” allows you to see a variety of landscapes from the top of the ropeway.

In the 5th century BC, the construction of this fortress started. Its original purpose was to protect the northern border of the Chinese Empire from its historical enemies. With approximately 7,000 kilometers in length, the Great Wall of China has retained over time 30% of its initial construction. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the 10 best tourist destinations.

The Great Wall, which is said to be the representative of China’s World Heritage Sites and the largest building in human history. The total length from Jiayukan at the western end to Shanhaiguan at the eastern end is 6,352km, which is the distance that surrounds the Japanese archipelago from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

The Great Wall was built in various Chinese countries in the 7th century BC to prevent the invasion of the Northern Nomads. Qin Shi Huang, who unified China for the first time about 2,200 years ago, connected the emperors of Each country and laid the foundation for the present Great Wall. The current form was in the 14th century, the Ming dynasty.

The most famous Great Wall of China is the Great Wall of Badaling on the outskirts of the capital Beijing. It will arrive in about an hour from the city. This is a must-see point. Many day trips are also organized, so it is efficient to visit with other sightseeing spots in Beijing as a set.

However, Badaling is also famous for being too famous and crowded. If you want to avoid the crowds, check out another spot that you can visit from Beijing on a day trip, Mutianyu Great Wall. It is as well preserved as Badaling and you can enjoy sightseeing in a relaxed manner.

And for those who want to master the Great Wall,  would also like to visit Jiayuguan, Gansu Province, which is the starting point of the Great Wall west, about 2,000 km west of Beijing. Early April or late September is recommended for sightseeing, but be aware that the Labor Festival holidays in May and the National Day holidays in early October are crowded with local tourists.

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The Temple Of Angkor Wat In Cambodia

5 The Temple Of Angkor Wat In Cambodia

It is the best preserved and the biggest Hindu temple in the city of Angkor and also the symbol of Cambodia. It is also one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world and one of the best tourist spots in the globe..

Angkor Watdominated the area of today’s Cambodia, as well as a lot of Thailand, southern Vietnam and Laos. Angkor Wat is the most famous ancient temple site in Cambodia and one of the 10 best tourist destinations.

Another Toper Of 10 Best Tourist Destinations Is…

Bangkok’s Wat Pho In Thailand

6 Bangkok’s Wat Pho In Thailand

Its history and site area are the largest in Bangkok. In addition, it has a large collection of works of art and is famous as a base for all academic fields. Today, it is a historically and culturally important temple that is worshiped by all people regardless of ethnicity or religion.

“Wat Pho” is near the area around the Royal Palace, as well as the popular tourist area “Wat Phra Kaew”. There are no train stations, so it’s a good idea to take a taxi or tuk-tuk !

Known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it is a Buddhist temple located in the Phra Nakhon district of the Thai capital. The imposing status of Buddha makes this temple one of the country’s tourist attractions and also one of the best budget tourist destinations in the world. A historical marvel that shows the wealth of the country.

“Wat Pho” has many attractions such as a huge nirvana, being the headquarter of Thai massage and boasting the oldest history in Bangkok .

Wat Pho is enshrined with a huge golden reclining Buddha. There is also a Thai traditional massage school in the precincts, where you can get a treatment. Areas such as Phra Nakhon District around Wat Pho are only about 2-4 km away from Wat Pho, for friendly and affordable hotels to well-equipped hotels, you can choose the facilities you like.

Yet Another One Of The 10 Best Tourist Destinations Is…

The Cathedral Of Notre Dame In Paris In France

7 The Cathedral Of Notre Dame In Paris In France

It is one of the most emblematic monuments of the French capital and one of the most representative and oldest buildings of the Gothic style. This cathedral of Catholic worship is dedicated to Mary, the mother of Lord Jesus. It is located on the small Ile de la Cité, surrounded by the waters of the Seine .

The cathedral was built in the early 12th century after the bishop’s site was destroyed by fire in the mid 9th century. The 11th-century cathedral, which still remains today, grew in size when an epidemic broke out in 1089.

As a producer and exporter of limestone, the region was on the prosperous side. Tournay became a center of religion and education under this economic foundation and the Parish of Tournay became an independent parish from the parish of Noyon, leading to more active architecture.

One of the greatest masterpieces of Gothic architecture, the cathedral is located on the eastern side of the island of Cite, the birthplace of Paris and one of the best tourist destination countries in the world.

Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1163 and completed in 1330, 200 years later. In the 1st century BC, Tournai was already an important administrative and military center in Roman times, at the junction of several roads on the Esco River. Although Christianity was brought to Tournai in the late 3rd or early 4th centuries by St. Fiat, bishopric jurisdiction was not established until the 6th century, when Hilderich, king of the Franks, came to power.

After extending the kingdom to the Pyrenees, his son Clovis (481-511) moved the royal residence from Tournay to Paris. The bishop’s residence expanded around the Cathedral of St Stephen and the church of St Mary, and under the Carolingian dynasty the city became a center of political, economic, social and intellectual life.

The Romanesque elements of this cathedral cannot be dated with certainty. However, according to a recent study, it is estimated that it was built in the early 12th making it one of the 10 best tourist destinations.

The original plan included a harmonious west facade with a large gallery and vaulted groom in the vaulted side hallways. The gothic choir was built by Bishop Etienne d’Orleans (1192-1203) to the southwest (1192-1203). The first Romanesque main gate in the early 13th century and a stone porch at the beginning of the next century, made it even more monumental.

Notre-Dame Cathedral located in Tournai, was built in the early 12th century. The special size of the nave was built in Romanesque style, but the sculptures and five towers adorned in the transept had Gothic features. It is the beginning of the Gothic style that appeared before the Gothic style prevailed in the Middle Ages and it has a special dignity. The choir, reconstructed in the 13th century, is in pure Gothic style.

This is a beautiful view of the exterior of the cathedral and me expressing the hunchback of Notre Dame. If you look down from the top of the cathedral, you see a grotesque person at every corner? Sitting there is something like a ghost, which acts as gargoyles in gothic architecture.

Another One Of The Fab 10 Best Tourist Destinations Is…

The Mosque-Cathedral Of Cordoba In Spain

8 The Mosque-Cathedral Of Cordoba In Spain

Visiting beautiful Cordoba naturally leads you to discover its historic center and therefore to visit a unique place in this world: the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Its 23,400 square meters make it one of the largest mosques in the world and one of the most important monuments of all Andalusian architecture and it is also one of the very top tourist destinations in the world list.

The most striking thing about Cordoba is the Cathedral of St. Mary, commonly known as the Mezquita. St. Mary’s Cathedral is, as the name implies, a catholic church cathedral. Still, many people may wonder why the popular name is Mezquita, which means Islamic mosque.

Cordoba Mezquita – (a mysterious space where two religions live together), is one of the 10 Best Tourist Destinations. In Cordoba, the third largest city in Andalusia, Spain, there is a mysterious building, the Mezquita, where two different religions, Christianity and Islam, co-exist.

Why was such an eclectic building created? It has a lot to do with the history of Spain. Cordoba is a city on the banks of the Guadalquivir River in the Andalusia region of Spain. Its appearance has a deep taste, such as being praised by the country’s famous poet Garcia Lorca (1898-1936).

Since Spain was still an important city since it was a territory of the Roman Empire, there are still Roman bridges and buildings around the city. The historic center of Cordoba , including the Mezquita and the Jewish quarters around it, was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1984.

The Penultimate On This List Of 10 Best Tourist Destinations Is…

Peru Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary

9 Peru Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary

UNESCO in 1983, declared the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary a Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity and it is probably the most amazing architectural construction of the Inca Empire. This citadel has monuments, palaces, walls, temples, terraces and complexes and it also has water channels. It is made from large blocks of stone and has no amalgam, proof of the great wisdom of the Inca civilization.

The ancient Andean city of Machu Picchu is a place of worship for its historical significance and its is without doubt an architectural and engineering masterpiece. Its characteristics and unique beauty have led it to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A destination to visit at least once in your life as it is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world.

The province of Urubamba (Cusco), is surrounded by forests in Machu Picchu and annually receives approximately 1 and a half million visits. The area of it is over 30 thousand hectares, where it is possible to find a varied flora and fauna, as well as wooded areas, steep mountains and snow-capped peaks.

Located on top of a mountain in the middle of a tropical forest, it is considered the tourist attraction par excellence in Peru and one of the 10 best tourist destinations.

Last But Not Least On This List Of 10 Best Tourist Destinations Is…

Burgenland, Austria

10 Burgenland, Austria

When you describe Burgenland , the first thing that comes to mind is the many palaces and castles, then the idyllic vineyards with their secluded cellar lanes and last but not least the excellent climate with more than 300 days of sunshine.

The easternmost part of Austria is a bit out of line in terms of climate, as it is on average warmer than the rest of the country. Of course, this also has an effect on the landscape: the steppe landscape around Lake Neusiedl is unique in its vegetation, it is a national park region and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site under special protection and also one of the best tourist attraction places in the world.

The mystical world of castles is shaped by legends and fairy tales. Some things have been handed down and some are known – and yet the time of the Middle Ages remains a mysterious and distant one: Today we think of brave knights, elegant damsels of the castle, minnesingers moving from place to place and mischievous court jesters. We envision sumptuous feasts and dramatic tournament battles.

The eye-catcher and the main attraction of the city is the Esterházy Palace located in the center making it one of the 10 Best Tourist Destinations. The composer Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809) lived here and composed for Prince Esterházy. That’s why Eisenstadt is also often called Haydnstadt – on the one hand in memory of the great musical heritage, on the other hand as a reference to the annual HERBSTGOLD Festival, which connects Haydn and the diversity of music.

The provincial capital Eisenstadt is only around 60 kilometers away from Vienna. Its old town consists largely of a pedestrian zone and is ideal for quiet walks. Behind the numerous house corners of the pretty alleyways you will always discover nice, small bars and shops.

In Burgenland, one gets closer to the actual history of the Middle Ages from castle to castle, as there are a number of very well-preserved fortifications. They are among the most beautiful in the country and are important architectural witnesses from days long past.

So there you are, you now know the 10 Best Tourist Destinations!

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