The Importance Of Global Digital Marketing 2022

The importance of global digital marketing 2022!

If you have plans to start or to grow a business in 2022, it’s almost impossible to overemphasize the importance of global digital marketing 2022 to your overall marketing plan.

2022 Is A Year Full Of Challenges

The overall economic and business environment after the impact of the epidemic is gradually recovering and the global digital marketing industry is also moving forward amid uncertainty and continuous changes. From the upgrade of health consumption to the surge of digital content consumption such as streaming media, many consumer trends around the world have accelerated very fast, setting off new industry trends.

Under the changing situation, how to carry out effective global digital marketing 2022 activities to help brands achieve breakthrough growth, is the focus of practitioners and the common proposition of the industry.

The Popularity Of KOL Marketing Continues

First of all, let’s understand the definition of KOL. KOL means key opinion leader, which refers to a person who has great influence and voice in a specific group. There are no limits to the category of this group. It can be as large as an industry, a subcultural circle, or a small to an interest group.

In recent years, KOLs can play an important role in marketing communication activities because there is a specific group behind them and members in this group can be deeply reached through KOLs.

Members have higher trust in these marketing information and marketing information will be disseminated for the second time to further expand the coverage of marketing activities.

5G Promotes The Transformation Of Digital Marketing

Generally, the form of digital marketing is closely related to information and communication technology. With the popularization of 5G With the characteristics of large bandwidth, high speed, low latency, high reliability and massive links, the form of digital marketing is bound to have a new revolution. Specifically, it will be manifested in two aspects:

1 The Content Format Changes: Due to the large bandwidth and high speed of 5G, video transmission will become the mainstream, 4K and 8K high-definition video output will increase and live video broadcasts can be seen everywhere; according to the low latency and high reliability of 5G, VR, AR. The device will not usher in a moment of rapid growth because of the dizziness caused by the delay.

2 Innovation In Interactive Experience: The characteristics of 5G massive links make it possible to connect everything, creating a new dimension of interactive experience for people, remote tactile perception.

High-Quality Content Becomes The Core Driving Force Of Global Digital Marketing 2022

This is an era where content is king and in a sea of ​​​​fragmented information, we crave content that is truly valuable to us. Therefore, consumers are willing to pay for high-quality content in order to improve reading efficiency.

High- quality content can not only shape and convey brand value propositions, but also help brand marketing grow and improve efficiency and may also provide brands with multiple marketing touchpoints and conversion spaces.

Today The Wave Of The Digital Economy

Is sweeping the world and has become the main driving force for global economic growth. Coupled with the sudden attack of the epidemic, it has promoted the process of digital innovation and transformation in all walks of life.

As an important breakthrough in digital innovation of enterprises, digital marketing has seen rapid growth in market demand. New technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things promote continuous changes in marketing technology, architecture and methods.

At the same time, the digital marketing method, which takes consumers as the core and establishes a deep relationship with consumers, can continuously innovate and iterate according to the needs of consumers.

As a result, global digital marketing 2022 has emerged as a situation where a hundred schools of thought contend and its charm continues to bloom. This ever-expanding digital marketing market scale will become a new blue ocean that digital innovation companies in various industries are chasing.

The Internet Is Home

To some of the most lucrative marketing channels that business owners can use to connect with their target audience, build awareness of their products and services and drive sales and revenue growth.

If you still have doubts about the importance of having an online presence for your business, we’ve put together this resource outlining our case for the importance of global digital marketing 2022.

What Is Global Digital Marketing?

Global digital marketing 2022 is inclusive of marketing activities which are done via digital channels.

Digital channels can include:

Organic search marketing

Digital public relations

Paid social media advertising

Content marketing

Influencer marketing

Advertising mailing

Display advertising

Paid search advertising

Conversational marketing

Affiliate marketing

Digital audio advertising

Media marketing

Video marketing and advertising

The digital acquisition channels are numerous ways in which you can reach your target audience, capture their interest in your brand and  educate them about your brand, services and products and ultimately put them on your blog or website, where potential customers can connect with you, for more information.

After The Ups And Downs Of 2022

The economy and business activities have undergone tremendous changes, gradually entering a new normal and many people are beginning to re-examine their priorities and priorities in life.

During this transition, brands need to seize the opportunity to win hearts and minds, and data-driven advertising and marketing is undoubtedly an important means of achieving this goal.

Digital Marketing Has Now Gone Through The Digital Marketing 1.0 Era

That emphasizes the development of networking and informatization, the digital marketing 2.0 era with the rapid development of mobile Internet and digital technology and is about to enter the digital marketing 3.0 era of human-computer interaction, interaction of all things, and an intelligent world.

The marketing model is constantly changing, innovating and iterating under the condition that new technologies are generated and consumer demand continues to upgrade. In the future digital marketing market of various industries, whoever can master the latest technology and meet the latest needs of consumers will be able to seize the opportunity and occupy more market share and become the industry leader.

Brand Rejuvenation Becomes a Popular Word in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, the consumption structure has been upgraded and the post-90s group has become the main force of consumption. In order to seize the young market, corporate brands in all walks of life are promoting the marketing strategy of brand rejuvenation.

The post- 90s generation is closely related to Internet culture, so digital marketing has become the main battlefield for brand rejuvenation. For example, many brands use entertaining content to describe brand content and increase brand affinity; or use new forms of expression to approach the younger generation, such as long-picture illustrations, emoticons and short videos.

Checking The Sophistication Of Your Website Personalization Is Vital

According to studies, 72% of consumers say they now only interact with personalized and tailored marketing messages.

Still, the same report shows that 86% of consumers are concerned about their data privacy. Of these babies, Baby Boomers and Gen X are the least trusting consumers, with Millennials and Gen Z 47% more trusting than older generations.

86% of consumers are concerned about data privacy.

80% of frequent shoppers who self-categorize will only shop with brands that personalize their experience. Therefore, it becomes important to explain the value proposition of data collection to reassure consumers about privacy and understand what is most valuable.

Why consumers share data.

Beyond retail and transactional e-commerce, the use of personalization for recommended content remains surprisingly low, but will increase as platform providers make it easier.

Ad Optimization Testing Will Get More Complex As Ad Platforms Evolve

With more than two-thirds of digital ad spend now being spent on Facebook and Google, optimizing on these platforms is becoming increasingly important. However, research shows that only 9% of marketers can accurately predict the impact of a 10% change in marketing spend.

Using attribution and creative optimization becomes even more important to understand complex customer journeys across mobile and desktop devices and different ad placements. For example, on Facebook alone, ads can appear in various places, such as Facebook News Feed, Instagram Stories, in scrolls or in Instant Articles. These Facebook IQ case studies show how more advanced companies can leverage Facebook’s new ad placement customization for ad optimization.

It Is Clear That…

More companies now trust digital platforms for their growth. Even Amazon, one of the largest and most profitable businesses in the world, spends more than $55 million annually on Google ads.

Why has global digital marketing 2022 become so important for these organizations, when it comes to reaching their audience in 2022.  

First One Needs To Create A Plan To Support Digital Marketing Transformation

Our research on managing global digital marketing 2022 reveals many of the challenges in how companies approach digital marketing today. Issues include a lack of focus on integration strategy, testing, optimization and structural issues such as teams working in silos or lack of integration communication skills.

To address these types of issues and take advantage of the opportunities to grow their business through digital marketing, many businesses now have digital transformation plans in place.

The Vitality Of A Digital Marketing 2022 Strategy

People spend a great amount of time online today, than they did in the past!

To market your business to be a success, it’s imperative to keep in touch with potential customers where they are.

In 2010, that meant buying television ads and newspaper spots — these two media generated almost 70% of ad dollars that year. But in 2022, people spend up to 10 to 15 hours a day, watching all kinds of media and almost 10 hours a day online.

Due to this, advertisers have started turning their attention to the digital atmosphere and are spending dollars on platforms that users pay attention to.

Improve Email Personalization With Lifecycle And Behavioral Segmentation

There is a huge potential of using personalised email marketing to deliver more relevant communications within the customer lifecycle.

Looking back at case studies on how businesses are using email marketing automation, there are signs of adoption of more sophisticated techniques, but, let’s be honest, these automated techniques (like welcome sequences and shopping basket abandonment) are over 15 years old, so don’t get excited about them.

Sometimes it just seems like the labels have changed… We’re now talking about “lifecycle email marketing” and sales cadence in B2B nurturing. These do highlight a trend of increasing integration between channels and email marketing to prospects and customers is now seen as a channel that is better integrated with web, social, display advertising and personal advertising.

However, these technologies are exciting for the businesses and marketers involved and if they are new, they should boost engagement and sales.

Some of the best options of Global Digital Marketing 2022 include:

Remarketing: Here , targeting is done of very specific ads or offers, to users who have previously interacted with your business.

Interested Buyer Audiences: Targeting of users on the basis of their recent intent to purchase products and services.

Affinity Audiences: Targeting of users on the basis of their historical habits and interests.

Data Driven Digital Marketing

This is of noteworthy benefit for companies which are growth-driven. Global digital marketing 2022 activities tend to generate enormous amounts of real-time data which companies can make use of to uncover new opportunities to optimize or improve campaigns and also to evaluate and analyze campaign performance.

A tool like Google Analytics gives internet marketers a better understanding of where traffic to their website comes from, how this traffic is generated, how website visitors interact, etc.

Advertising platforms that are paid, also offer data which is detailed and marketers can use these to perform their digital marketing strategies and find the most cost-effective methods to acquire new customers.

Review The Use Of Conversational Digital Marketing Communications To Improve Conversion Rates

The importance of conversational marketing has been pointed out again and again. It is sometimes seen narrowly as a chatbot, but it has not been popular with end users because AI in general is not smart enough and human-assisted chat and sales support are more practical in practice. In the B2B category, the momentum of conversational marketing and sales (or revenue acceleration) platforms will continue.

Microinteractions don’t need to be full conversations like chats, it can be simple conversations based on onboarding interactions.

Global Digital Marketing 2022 Is Extremely Profitable

The #1 reason why digital marketing is important in 2022, is because of its profitability. Google claims that the average advertiser earns $2 in revenue for every dollar spent on the platform.

In 2022…

More businesses will now spend more on digital advertising than ever before.

According to Google, businesses of all sizes earn an average 200% return on ad spend (ROAS) from paid search advertising, effectively doubling their investment in the platform with an ad budget of just a few bucks daily.

How To Succeed In Global Digital Marketing 2022

If a company formulates its own digital marketing business goals and always focuses on how to help customers realize their self-worth, they can find new growth breakthroughs in this period of intense competition.

A complete digital marketing strategy framework consists of four parts: planning, information access, maintaining relationships, data analysis and optimization.

1. Make A Plan: At the very beginning, a company should make a detailed assessment of their own situation and external market conditions, what channels do we have, what is our level of digitalization, who our customers are and what their needs are.

What are the current digital marketing trends, what new technologies are there, what are our competitors doing, etc. After thinking about these, the company will then formulate detailed plans and marketing goals that can be assessed, so that in the subsequent implementation process, it can often automatically check, find problems and optimize strategies.

2. Information Access: In order to establish contact with potential and existing customers and transmit the information of the enterprise to them more abundantly and efficiently, companies need to build channels for digital information transmission. These channels may be their own or may cooperate with third-party channels.

Own channels, include having their own website.

3. Maintain The Relationship: After digital information reaches customers, it is necessary to create, establish and maintain a continuous interactive state around target customers through various business means and establish a deeper relationship with customers, so that customers can continue to obtain economic benefits, emotional value and social value .

Fully satisfied and able to actively participate in the process of relationship establishment, then the company has to make the marketing move from information dissemination to strategic in-depth management and transform the original closed internal activities of the company into a new model of cooperation between customers and the company, to create value.

If you neglect to build relationships with customers, hard-earned customers will be quickly lost due to competitors’ low-price competition strategies. Of course, companies must also establish indicators from the perspective of cost and benefit, measure the return of maintaining relationship with customers and form a positive interaction between continuous investment and continuous return.

4. Data Analysis And Optimization: Doing global digital marketing 2022 not only uses data, but also generates data. Therefore, a clear data usage plan and a rigorous process for analyzing data and judging the effectiveness of digital marketing are required to ensure that continuous improvement is based on concrete findings of actual consumer behavior, not speculation.

Data analysis pulls the company back to the starting point of defining target customers, allowing companies to more transparently understand the psychological and behavioral characteristics of their customers.

Global Digital Marketing 2022 Is Data-Driven

Whichever part of the planet you are based in, irrespective of whether you own a big business, you are a small business owner or you are starting out on your business venture, if you really have the burning desire to grow your brand, you need global digital marketing 2022 – and for that, be sure to get in touch with us.

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