Why Prevention Of Obesity Has To Be Dealt With Immediately

Why prevention of obesity has to be dealt with immediately!

Prevention of obesity and overweight has to be taken care of as obesity is not something that can be taken lightly, because it is a chronic disease. The bitter truth about the statistics on obesity is that they reveal that this chronic disease is now affecting more and more adults, adolescents and children too.

Why Is Prevention Of Obesity So Vital?

There are various chronic conditions as well as chronic diseases that are associated with being obese and some of these include the following:

  • Heart diseases
  • Diseases of the blood vessels
  • Type 2 diabetes onset much earlier on
  • Depression in adults, teens, as well as kids, as a result of overweight and obesity

The bigger problem over here is not only is that it is bad enough that there are various chronic ailments related to obesity effects, worse still – considering the nature of the diseases that are associated with being obese, is the fact that it is very hard to treat these related diseases.

And That Is Why Prevention Of Obesity Is Extremely Important

As it is awfully tough to treat diseases that are related to a person being obese, it becomes very important to prevent yourself from getting obese and getting all these horrible diseases and so prevention of obesity in adults is very vital. Fact is, the longer you are obese, the more you are allowing yourself to succumb to obesity risk factors.

It would seem to be like obesity has now reach epidemic proportions – and this happened all of a sudden – before people could even realize that such an epidemic was happening. But this is just not the case and obesity problems, hit people all over the globe – slowly but surely. But people tended to just ignore all these issues and get on with their lives as if things were going on normally and nothing was wrong. But it is only in recent times that more and more people are waking up to obesity health risks. And thus the big question today…

What Can Be Done For Prevention Of Obesity?

If you are an adult, here are a few things that would help you understand how to fight obesity…

  • Keep weighing yourself on a regular basis. This way you would at once know whether you have gained weight or whether you are losing it or whether it is just the way it was. A simple but cool method to ensure that you are fighting obesity.
  • A little bit of exercise is better than no exercise at all: Always keep this in mind! Thus, if your job or any other factors prevent you from doing at least a bit of exercise, you can be sure that there are many ways in which you could manage to put in at least a few minutes of exercise, in that 24 hour day that we all have. For one, do not take the elevator, take the stairs…walk that flight of stairs all the way up and then when you have to do so, all the way down again. This gives you a good amount of exercise, most people do not realize this. But now that you do, you have no reason to take the elevator and complain that you do not get the time to exercise. Every little bit helps in prevention of obesity.

In your break, you can even go around your block or in fact, you could take a couple of rounds, for more effect in your efforts to find obesity solutions. Point is, anytime during the day, make it a point to ensure that you take anywhere between at least 10 to 20 minutes, to do some activity that will burn up some calories. Keep in mind, every bit of activity that you do to burn up calories is going to go a long way in your battle against overweight and obesity. So, even though you may get just 10 or 15 minutes to do even some light exercise, go ahead and do it.

  • Watch that food you are eating: It is best that you eat whole grain foods of the likes of whole wheat bread, brown rice and the like, these are foods that prevent obesity. Always abstain from eating foods that contain saturated fats, flour, white sugar and many other such foods. Eating the right food helps immensely in prevention of obesity.
  • Try to break out a sweat: As far as possible, try to do some kind of activity that makes you break out into a sweat – it does not mean that you have to do some rigorous exercise or go to the gym day and night. If you can just go for a brisk walk – as in walk a 15 minute mile or do some hoeing or weeding in the garden, it helps a lot in your fight against the consequences of obesity.
  • Eating the right servings of fruits and veggies is great for prevention of obesity: On a daily basis, ensure that you are having 5 to 7 servings of veggies and fruits – without fail! A serving of veggies would be ½ a cup of cooked vegetables or 1 cup of raw veggies or vegetable juice. A serving of fruit would be 1/4th cup of dried fruit, ½ a cup of fruit juice – fresh or canned or a medium or small serving of fruit. This helps a lot in combating obesity.
  • Avoid high “energy density” foods to help you with prevention of obesity: If you are really serious about preventing obesity, keep away from foods that are small in quantity, but high in calories or in other words, foods that are high in “energy density”.  For example an order of large fries and a big cheeseburger could have as much as 1,000 calories and also, it would have an extra 30 grams or even more, of fats. And by eating such food, you are going to come nowhere near to finding about how to prevent obesity.

Instead, you would do well to have a plain hamburger or a grilled chicken sandwich, with a bit of salad that contains low-fat dressing. In this way you would be able to avoid consuming hundreds of calories, plus – you would be preventing yourself from taking in all those vicious extra fats. Also, you would in this way be ensuring that you are keeping track of your obesity and health and on track with your goals of prevention of obesity.

  • Of course you can have dessert: Just because you are seeking solutions to obesity, it does not mean that you do not have to enjoy life to the fullest. Of course we all love desserts, so you can be sure that you can have dessert, even though you may be seeking weight loss motivation tips.

But instead of having home-made pie or chocolate which are definitely not going to help you with your problems with obesity, you can have a piece of angel food cake or some fruit.

How Can We Prevent Obesity?

More and more people all over the world are waking up to the ill effects of being obese – and they feel the need to take action about it and get fitter and healthier. The longer you delay being obese, the longer you are endangering your health and life. Sure, if you are obese, it will NOT be a one step process in combating the effects of obesity.

But, the sooner you take that first step and all the other steps, the better it is going to be for you in the prevention of obesity.

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